New Laws Covering Online Casino Gaming

With the introduction of online casinos, it means that many countries now have to deal with this by implementing laws to govern this new form of entertainment. Some became very pro-active at this, while other countries either turned a blind eye to it or were aggressive at trying to prevent it.

Remote Gambling Operations

Many different online casinos offer gameplay to various countries. Those who wish to enjoy the remote form of gambling should do the proper research to ensure they are choosing a trusted and properly licenced casino platform.

The UK

The UK, in many ways, became the leader concerning online casino gaming laws. They became proactive and set laws and regulations in place quickly. Any remote gambling operation which wants to offer their gambling products to British residents needs to have the proper licensing. Gambling licences are divided into remote and non-remote. Remote gambling licences are comprised of three licences, which are the operating license, the software license and a third license for personnel involved in the gambling operation. These are the current laws as of 2019. Additional new rules were added for this year as well. This was the rule for players having to provide proof of age within 72 hours. Also, not allowing withdrawals until age verification has been done.


Canadian gambling rules and regulations are mandated by the provinces as opposed to the federal level. This puts the legality of remote gambling into a grey area. Licences are not issued, but gambling operations are registered within the given province they are going to be operating in. There is no specific legislation put into place by the provinces for digital gambling. Overall, most Canadians can and do enjoy their online gambling activities.

The United States

The laws for remote gambling in the United States have created havoc for both residents of the US and remote operations. The majority of online casinos will not accept US players. New laws were supposed to come into effect, but as of Jan 2019, the US Justice Department reached the decision to expand the prohibition of online gambling dashed any hopes of online gambling in the US becoming legal. However, many of the States themselves have set new rules and regulations for online gambling which permits it but only within the State itself. For example, online casino gameplay is allowed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Often, new laws for online gambling are introduced, but they take a long time going through the various levels of the legislature process.